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100 Killer YouTube Fitness Videos to Help You Learn ANY Sport

July 21st, 2008

Just because the weather outside isn’t cooperating with your plans to enjoy some fresh air exercise, doesn’t mean you can’t use the time to concentrate on your fitness. There are loads of videos on YouTube that can help you learn how to do just about anything, no matter your exercise interests. Whether you’re trying to improve your skills, or learn new ones altogether, these videos can be a great way to educate yourself on a number of ways to get fit. Here are 100 to get started with to start your online exercise education.


Learn everything you’ll need to know to play America’s pastime through these instructional videos.

  1. Learn to Throw a Fastball: Baseball enthusiast Karl gives detailed instructions on how to properly throw a fastball in this instructional video.
  2. Baseball for Beginners: Check out these videos which help you learn everything from how to stand correctly to what the finer points of the rules of baseball are.
  3. Baseball Coaches, Managers, and Umpires: Learn about the roles of all these people in the game of baseball through this video.
  4. The Basics of Baseball: These instructional videos lay out the basic elements of baseball, from the jobs of players to the equipment you’ll need to play.
  5. How to Bunt in Baseball: Learn how to bunt when you’re playing baseball with a little help from this video.
  6. How to Hit a Fastball: Turn your strikes into home runs with this video, which provides helpful hitting advice.
  7. Baseball 101: Follow along with this instructional video to learn how to throw, field and hit.
  8. How to Pitch a Baseball: This video can teach you some exercises that should help improve your pitches in baseball.
  9. Hitting 101: Hips vs. Hands: Here you’ll find an excerpt from the Baseball University series that gives you some advice on hitting, namely which part of your body should lead, your hips or your hands.
  10. Baseball Training and Instruction: This video on boosting batting average is part of a series aimed at helping you improve your game.


Whether you’re a true novice or a regular player looking to improve your game, these videos can give you some helpful instruction.

  1. Learning How to Dunk a Basketball: This CBS report follows Gil Thomas, a coach who believes he can teach almost anyone to dunk a basketball. You can get some helpful tips on improving your dunking skills from this video.
  2. Q-Mack: Learn a Basketball Trick: Learn some moves to impress your friends in this video about doing the "freeze frame" and the others in this series.
  3. Basketball Tips for Women: How to Shoot Properly: Women basketball players can benefit from watching this video, designed to help them learn to shoot the ball with ease. Check out the rest of the series for help in other areas as well.
  4. How to Shoot a Jump Shot: You’ll have the basics to shoot a perfect jump shot after watching this instructional video.
  5. How to Run Suicide Drills: Increase your speed and agility on the basketball court by watching this video on suicide drills.
  6. Better Basketball Defense: Improve your defensive skills by taking a look at this video and the others in this series.
  7. Basketball Dribbling Tips and Tricks: This video will teach you how to dribble the ball without losing control.
  8. How to Shoot a Long Shot: Learn what you need to do in order to sink those long shots with this video.
  9. How to Improve Your Free Throw Shooting: Don’t let any basket-making opportunities pass you by: watch this video on what you can do to make more free throws.
  10. Basketball Fundamentals: Start at the beginning with the information provided to you in this video.


Learn to play the most popular sport in the world through the instruction of these videos.

  1. Passing Techniques in Soccer for Beginners: Get the lowdown on the basics of passing in soccer through the helpful guidance of this video.
  2. Brazilian Soccer Skills: Brazil produces some of the greatest soccer players in the world, and this video and the others in the series can help take you through some of their most famous moves.
  3. Soccer Dribbling Tips and Techniques: Learn to move the ball quickly down the field with a little help from this video for beginners.
  4. How to Kick a Soccer Ball: This video can help you to ensure that you’re using the proper technique to kick a soccer ball.
  5. Billy Wingrove’s Learn Freestyle Football: Get some tips on how you can do fancy footwork and tricks through this clip from an instructional series.
  6. Throw In Technique: Learn everything you need to know about throwing in a ball in soccer with this video.
  7. How to Play Soccer: Player Positions: Use this video to learn what the various positions are in soccer and what each does.
  8. Soccer Ball Juggling Skills: Here you’ll find instruction to help you learn to control the ball better by going through juggling exercises.
  9. Soccer Rules for Beginners: This video outlines the rules of soccer so you can learn just how to play and what is and isn’t allowed.
  10. How to Train for Soccer: This video, and the rest in the series, will give you some helpful pointers for training to play soccer even when you’re not on the field.


Learn football fundamentals and more from these instructional videos.

  1. How to Play American Football: This series of videos will take you through the basics of football including the rules, the positions and some of the strategies used in play.
  2. How to Drop Kick a Football: Kicking can be an important part of playing football, so make sure you know how to do it right with some help from this video.
  3. How to Hold and Throw a Football: Make sure you’re getting a perfect spiral by watching this instructional video.
  4. How to Play Football: Advanced Tips and Techniques: Those beyond the basics can benefit from watching these videos with more in depth tips for playing football.
  5. How to Catch a Football: Make sure you’re not blowing any essential plays with your butterfingers by watching this helpful video that will teach you what you need to know about catching and holding onto a football.


Whether you just want to play with your friends on the weekend or hope to improve for a more competitive outing, try taking a look at these videos to build your skills.

  1. Learn to Play Tennis: Follow this helpful tennis video to learn a new swing, or browse through other videos from the series to learn the basics of playing tennis.
  2. Learn to Play Tennis: Groundstrokes: Skyler Meek from Dan’s Advantage Tennis provides beginners to tennis instruction on the most basic of tennis swings.
  3. Learn Tennis: This series of 49 videos covers all the elements you’ll need to learn about the rules, fundamentals and form needed to play tennis.
  4. The Right Tennis Grip: Ensure you’re holding your racket correctly with the information from DMac Tennis.
  5. How to Perform a Tennis Serve: You can’t start a game of tennis without a serve, and this video can help you learn to do just that.


These videos can help you strengthen your golf game and avoid those pesky sand traps.

  1. Learn Golf: Teeing Off: Start at the beginning with this video that shows you how to set up your golf shot.
  2. How to Grip the Club Like Tiger Woods: Learn the secrets the best in the game used to play with a little help from this video.
  3. How to Improve Your Golf Swing: This video discusses how you can use your driver to improve the quality of your golf swing.
  4. Golf Chipping and Pitching : Choosing Golf Clubs for Pitching: Knowing what club to use can make or break your golf game, so follow the tips from this video to get some help.
  5. Basic Golf Etiquette and Techniques: This series of videos will help you learn to play golf in a way that doesn’t bother others on the course around you.
  6. Free Secret Golf Tips: Viewers of this video series will learn all kinds of small ways they can work to improve their golf game.
  7. Golf Swing: Developing Arm Speed: Get some pointers on how you can improve your swing by giving this short video a look.
  8. Top 25 Golf Pro Lesson One Leg Swing No Weight Shift: This video, and the others in the series, can help you learn to practice your golf moves even when you’re not on the course.

Winter Sports

Those who enjoy getting out in the chilly winter weather to play sports will enjoy these instructional videos.

  1. Learn to Ski: Follow these instructional videos as they take you through step-by-step on the fundamentals of skiing.
  2. Ski Basics for Beginners: Those who’ve never skied before may want to check out this video designed just for newbies to the sport.
  3. Advanced Snow Skiing: This series of videos is directed at the more experienced skier who wants to add a few new tricks to his or her book.
  4. How to Ice Skate: This video shows those new to ice skating how to do a forward crossover, but other videos in the series show a wide range of simple and more complicated moves as well.
  5. Ice Skating Tips for Beginners: Whether you want to learn to skate to play hockey or just for some exercise, these instructional videos can help you get started on the right foot.
  6. How to Play Hockey: Here you’ll find a video detailing the equipment you’ll need to play hockey. Other videos in the series will take you through the rules of the game, scoring, and how to move around on the ice.
  7. How to Play Goalie in Hockey: If the idea of pucks flying at you sounds exciting, you may want to play goalie, and this video can show you how.
  8. How to Snowboard: Get the basics on snowboarding in this video and others in the series so you can hit the slopes in style.
  9. Learning to Snowboard: This CBS program shows what it takes to get started in snowboarding and can help you know what to expect.
  10. Learn to Speed Skate: Follow news anchor Mindy Basara as she gets some pointers from Olympic speed skaters in this video.

Water Sports

Take to the sea or a nearby lake with some instruction from these sports related videos.

  1. Learn to Surf 1-2-3: Learn the basics of surfing in this instructional video geared towards female surfers, and from the others that follow in the series.
  2. Wakeboarding Lessons: Cormac O’Carroll of Hawaii Water Sports Center in Hawaii gives you all the information you’ll need to get started wakeboarding.
  3. Learning to Surf with Surfer Joe: Check out this video series to help get a handle on the basics of surfing and what you’ll need to do to stay upright on a wave.
  4. Beginning Water Skiing: If skiing is more your style, try out this video series which will help you learn the basics of getting up and staying up on water skis.
  5. How to Water Ski: This instructional video series will help you learn what you can do on and off the water to ensure you have more fun the next time you’re water skiing.
  6. How to Teach Kids to Swim: While you may not be a kid anymore, that doesn’t mean you can’t take something away from these videos. They lay out the basics of swimming in an easy to understand manner.
  7. How to Swim Competitive Butterfly Stroke: Learn to swim this stroke by following the instructions contained in this video.
  8. How to Swim Competitive Backstroke: If the butterfly isn’t your thing, take a look at this video on doing the backstroke instead.
  9. Water Polo Basics: Learn the basic rules and plays of water polo through this helpful video series.
  10. Competitive Rowing Tips and Techniques: Here you’ll find information on the basics of competitive rowing, which can be a great workout for your upper body.


Get some fundamentals and workouts from these YouTube yoga videos.

  1. How to Do Power Yoga: Take your yoga routine up a notch with this instructional series, which will show you how to do a wide variety of moves, including the downward dog.
  2. How to Do Yoga With Blocks and Straps: If you feel more comfortable doing yoga with blocks and straps, you can learn more about the process from this video.
  3. How to Do Office Yoga: You don’t need to go to the gym to do yoga. This series of videos will show you moves you can do at your desk at work.
  4. How to Learn a Handstand: Get some help doing this yoga pose with guidance from this instructional video.
  5. Hatha Yoga Bends and Twists: Stretch out your body with Hatha yoga. These videos can show you a variety of moves to get you started.
  6. How to Do Yoga Poses for Beginners: Learn some basic yoga poses from these videos.
  7. Ashtanga Yoga Demo: Follow along during this demo of the Ashtanga style of yoga.
  8. Abs Yoga for Beginners: Give your core a good workout by taking a look at this video.
  9. Yoga Journal Learn Yoga: This series of videos from Yoga Journal features Natasha Rizopolous. She’ll take you through a variety of poses throughout the series.
  10. Kundalini Yoga for Beginners: Here you’ll find a video that’s part of a series to show you how to do a number of moves that form Kundalini yoga.

General Fitness

Learn to maximize your workouts from running to lifting weights with guidance from these videos.

  1. How to Jog 4 Miles the Right Way: Learn how to jog for long distances without hurting yourself with help from this video.
  2. Weight Lifting Exercises for Beginners: These videos take you through some introductory weight lifting exercises.
  3. How to Lift Weights Properly: Make sure you don’t get hurt when you go to the gym by watching this animated video.
  4. Powerlifting Techniques: Those who want to take weight lifting to the next level can get some advice on powerlifting from this video.
  5. How to Use Gym Machines: Make sure you’re getting the most out of your gym workout by checking out this series of videos.
  6. Marathon Training Exercises and Preparation: This video, and the others in the series, will give you some idea of what you’ll need to do before you decide to run a marathon.
  7. Trail Running Tips: Combine your love of running with a scenic trail. This video can help you find out what you’ll need to do to get started.
  8. Running Tips and Techniques: Ensure your run doesn’t leave you hurting afterwards by watching this helpful series of videos that go over how to stretch, eat and more.
  9. How to Do Fat Burning Exercises: This cardio workout is designed to help you burn fat better and faster.
  10. Aerobic Exercises for Beginners: Here you’ll find a series of videos that help you learn some basic aerobic exercises, starting with turn steps.


These videos can give you advice on a wide range of sports and fitness activities.

  1. How to Play Volleyball: Whether you play on the beach or in a gym, this video series will give you the skills you need to get out on the court.
  2. How to Play Badminton: Learn the basics of the game and the footwork and swings you’ll need to play badminton from this helpful video series.
  3. How to Box: This video will show you some basic defensive techniques and how to deliver a good one-two punch.
  4. Archery Tips and Techniques: Follow along through this video series to learn how to prepare your archery equipment, avoid hurting yourself and to actually hit the target.
  5. How to Buy a Bicycle: Biking for exercise or just to get to work in the morning can be a great way to stay fit and have fun, but first you’ll need a bike that can do the job. This video will show you how to choose a bike that suits your needs.
  6. Gymnastics Moves and Routines for Beginners: This video, and others in the series, will show you how to do some basic gymnastics moves which you can improve upon later, with supervision of course.
  7. John Cena Teaches Wrestling: Professional wrestler John Cena shows some basic moves to students in this helpful video.
  8. How to Skateboard for Beginners: Learn how to stay upright on a skateboard with the videos from this introductory series.
  9. Learn How to Fence: Learn the art of the sword fight with some advice from this video and others in the series.
  10. How to Play Lacrosse: The Basics: Here you’ll find the information you’ll need to learn the basics of the game of lacrosse.
  11. How to Play Cricket: While not especially popular in the US, this game enjoys popularity all over the rest of the world. Learn the basics of how it’s played through this video series.
  12. How to Play Rugby: Get fit and have fun playing rugby with help on the rules and various plays in this informative video series.