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50 Terrific Social Sites for Nurses

July 24th, 2009

By Emily Thomas

Social networking sites are invaluable to employees in any industry, and nurses have especially benefited from the proliferation of Web technologies. Long hours and little appreciation make nursing a difficult job to tolerate for extended lengths of time. Nurses find safety in numbers on these social sites where colleagues offer tips, advice and support.

Networks For Nurses to Meet Nurses

Social sites have allowed for unprecedented cooperation among individuals across any distance. These networks let nurses swap war stories and advice or discuss general trends in the industry.

  1. Nurse Groups: A professional networking site for nurses offering free memberships. Includes features such as blogging and a job database.
  2. Nurse Linkup: An online social network for nurses, this site allows users to meet fellow nurses and keep up with topic relevant to the nursing profession.
  3. Nurse Connect: A one stop resource center for nurses, this network includes job information in addition to its active community of members.
  4. Internation Council of Nurses: A world wide nursing organization aiming to strengthen the profession by increasing communication among its members. Active in 128 countries, the ICN is a great resource for industry news too.
  5. TravelNursingBlog: A social site for traveling nurses full of tips and advice. Also includes job info for traveling nurses.
  6. NursingLink: A social networking site for nurses offering news, education resources, job search and advice.
  7. All Nurses: A large nursing forum allowing nurses from across the country to communicate.
  8. Healthcare Travel Book: This social networking site offers healthcare travelers blogs, personal profiles and well researched articles.
  9. Doctor Networking: Primarily a social network for physicians but this site caters to a variety of health professions especially nurses.
  10. Nurse.com: A large online community of nurses ready, willing and able to answer your questions.

Networks Helping Nurses Connect With Patients

Once diagnosed, patients tend to be filled with almost infinite questions. While information from a doctor is always best, nurses can be an invaluable resource. Here is a list of web sites connecting nurses to patients.

  1. Nurses Recommend Doctors: The best information always come from the inside. Get the lowdown on which doctors are top-notch from the nurses who have worked with them.
  2. Patients Like Me: This social network aims to connect patients with similar diseases and health problems. Allows nurses to check in on patients or learn about the social aspect of debilitating diseases.
  3. Organized Wisdom: A "human-powered health search" tool seeking to connect patients with healthcare professionals and other patients. A Physician Review Board makes sure information on the site is authoritative.
  4. Revolution Health: Patients and those in the health care industry connect on forums, blogs and profiles to discuss drugs and medicine, symptoms, and a lot more.
  5. Starbright World: A social network for chronically ill teens. Create profiles, blog and meet other members online.
  6. Trusted.md: A fantastic social site for healthcare professionals, this network connects collegues, co-workers and friends.
  7. iMedix: This social site offers medical information and a large patient community. Members can share health experiences and offer support to others.
  8. MDLinked: Patients share symptoms, drug information and can even find specialists. A doctor rating system allows patients control over their care.
  9. Chronic Illness Patient Network: A support network for patients suffering from chronic illnesses. Resources, informal support, this group even offers a phone line when human interaction is needed.
  10. Diabetes Mine: Straight talk and answers for people with diabetes from healthcare professionals.

Social Networks For Nursing Students

Nurses are truly the unsung heroes of the healthcare profession. While much is made over doctors and their training, the extreme difficulty of nursing school is often forgotten. For the brave and selfless few willing to enter nursing school, here are the best social sites offering support, advice and help to nursing students.

  1. CampusRN: A social network where nursing students can meet and interact with fellow students or employers.
  2. Nursing Network: This general support network for helps nursing students with school and other issues.
  3. Healthcare 2.0: A social stie for students interested in nursing to discuss their interests and trade advice.
  4. Toxic Nurse: Student nurses meet on this social network to share information and stories about their daily lives.
  5. Nursing Students: Medical news and information for nursing students by nursing students.
  6. PRNster: A community of Filipino nursing students.
  7. The Nursing Site Network: A social network supporting nursing student and encouraging anyone interested in entering the profession.
  8. Student Nurses Station: This social network understands the importance of its mission. Qualified nurses are in short supply making recruitment increasingly important.
  9. Student Nurse Network: Nursing school is difficult so support, even from strangers is nice. The SNN offers support from nursing school peers and advice for surviving school.
  10. Dentistry: A social network specifically for individuals in the dental industry including nurses and students.

Social Sites to Help Land Your Next Job

Healthcare is an industry in constant growth. Nurses and qualified candidates are in constant demand. These social network sites are designed to help applicants find jobs in the healthcare industry.

  1. Medical Mingle: A free professional social network for people working in or servicing the health care and medical field.
  2. Nurse Jobs: This social site offers nurses and others in the healthcare industry easy access to advice, tips and job information.
  3. Staff Nurse: Target the nursing job that’s right for you. Manage due dates, update your application and talk to other nurses.
  4. HealthCareerWeb: A medical community geared finding your next great job. Find work with the government or in the private sector.
  5. JAMACareerNet: From the American Medical Association comes a great social site allowing nurses with experience in medical specialties to find new employment in those specialties. Packed with useful tools, this site will post your resume or check a potential employer’s credentials.
  6. FindRN: Find a great job in nursing. Employers are always posting news jobs to this network. Talk to potential employers and fellow nurses looking for work.
  7. MedHunters.com:From administration to biomedical research to dentistry, this great network can help any nurse get a great job in any field in healthcare.
  8. Medzilla: With a database offering thousands of jobs in the healthcare industry, this site is a must for out of work nurses. Don’t look for jobs only in healthcare but search related industries.
  9. MedicalWorkers.com: Search for jobs based on position or location. This site has the largest online database of medical jobs.
  10. Hospital Jobs Locator: If you’re a nurse that enjoys the fast paced and hectic life inside a hospital this is where to find your next job. Keep your search limited to the US or go international.

Social Networks for Advocacy and Charity

Nursing is a profession based on service to others. As a result, many that end up in the profession tend to be caring and empathetic. After the grinding hours and overtime, a few are even willing to offer their skills and services to charity. These are the best social sites for nursing advocates and charities.

  1. WegoNetwork: A social network for health advocates representing topics like cancer, AIDS and healthcare quality.
  2. Action Cancer Network: The Action Cancer Network is a network offered by the American Cancer Society. Volunteer, keep up with health news or find support groups.
  3. MD Junction: A network for patients to connect with patients and professional to discuss treatment, drugs and everyday experiences.
  4. MedHelp: MedHelp is a large health community linking patients with health professionals.
  5. Center for Nursing Advocacy: An organization aimed at recruitment and greater public understanding of the nursing profession.
  6. California Nurses Association: Cal Nurses is an active advocacy organization constantly making headlines in its fight for quality healthcare. Join their networking effort and support the fight!
  7. Daily Strength: A social network for professionals to meet patients to discuss their ailments. Also helps find local support groups.
  8. Healia: This social site has a web of communities organized by specific health topic.
  9. Health Boards: Health message boards to help users cope with diseases, drugs and diagnoses.
  10. HopeCube: A social network espousing the powerfully simple principle, "You are not alone." Patients can get support and seek help from medical professionals.