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100 Blog Posts That Will Make You a Better Nurse

June 29th, 2010

No one starts off their profession being perfect at everything they do. It takes time to learn the ropes and often years of hard work to truly get the hang of everything. No matter where you are in your career as a nurse, there's likely an aspect of your job that you could work on improving. Here are some blog posts to guide you towards a brighter, more successful career in nursing and help you be the best nurse you can be.


These blog posts will help you work on your career.

  1. Nursing Interview Tips from a Recruiter: Get some advice from a recruiter on how to score a job at your next interview in this post.
  2. Succeeding With Your Preceptor: Check out this post to learn how to get the most from your relationships with teachers and mentors.
  3. Ace the Application and Resume: This post will teach you how to create a resume that gets you calls for interviews.
  4. Board Certified Nurses: A Sign of Excellence: Learn just what being board certified can mean for your career in this post.
  5. Prospects for New Nurses: Thoughts on Graduating during a Downturn: This post offers some inspiration and advice to students just now entering the working world.
  6. Does Your Manager See You As Confident?: Do you know how you're perceived at work? This post explains how it could be holding you back.
  7. Tips to Manage Career Moves in Nursing: Boosting Your Reputation on the Job: Give those who work with you a better impression of you with some tips from this post.
  8. Top 10 Nursing Careers on the Rise: Thinking of changing jobs? This post offers some ideas of career fields to consider.
  9. Careers In Health Care: Choosing a Nursing Specialty: You want to make the right choice when you choose a health care specialty, and this blog post can help make the process a little easier.
  10. 5 Top Tips for Choosing an Honest Nursing Employment Agency: If you're working with an employment agency to find work, this post will explain how to choose one that won't leave you out in the cold.
  11. To BSN Or Not to BSN: That is the Nurse's Question!: Those debating whether or not to pursue additional education can get some of the pros and cons listed on this post.
  12. Getting the Promotion You Deserve: If you've been waiting around to see if you get a promotion or think you deserve one for the hard work you put in, this post offers some advice on making it happen.
  13. The Multitasking Myth: Learn why constant multitasking at work could be hurting your performance in this post.
  14. 8 Ways To Bring Your Creative Passions to Work: Here, you can read about how to turn your personal passions into a part of your career.

Working With Others

Read through these posts for advice on working with other nurses and doctors.

  1. Nurse As Servant-Leader: This blog post aims to inspire you to become a servant leader among your peers.
  2. Healing Wounds Between Nurses: Get some advice on how to mend relationships with fellow nurses here.
  3. Finding Allies at Work: This post explains how to find people at your work who will have your back when there are disputes.
  4. The Doctor-Nurse Drama: We're all familiar with the animosity that can exist between doctors and nurses, and this post elaborates on why it exists.
  5. Why Nurses Eat Their Young: Read this post to learn why nurses so often go after student and new nurses.
  6. Afraid at Work: While there will always be stress at work, there should never be fear. This post addresses how to deal with bullying and aggression at work.
  7. Nurse to Doctor Talk and Walk: How Interprofessional Communication Affects Patient Outcomes: Did you know how you get along with and talk to your coworkers could influence the lives of your patients? This post recounts a study that proved just that.
  8. Nurses: SHIFT Your Way to New Habits: If you're prone to some bad and negative habits at work, learn to work past them with some help from this post.
  9. Getting Along With Coworkers: This post offers some great basic advice on working harmoniously (or at least civilly) with others.
  10. How co-workers can make each other nuts: A 9-step plan: Learn what not to do if you want to get along with your coworkers from this post.
  11. 10 Ways You're Annoying Your Coworkers: This post will show you that as much as you are annoyed by your coworkers, you're probably annoying them too.
  12. Poor nursing communication causes needless hospital injuries and deaths: This post will motivate you to work on improving your communication skills at work.

Patient Care

Learn how to give your patients the best care possible with some advice found on these posts.

  1. Loose Lips Sink Ships: Here, you'll learn why overhead conversations about patients could have unexpected results and why it's better to keep quiet.
  2. Do we feel our patients pain?: If you're having a hard time understanding the pain your patients feel, give this post a read.
  3. Should Relatives See Body After Traumatic Death?: This post offers some advice on dealing with family members of a patient who died in an accident.
  4. When Good People Must Care for Bad People: Have you ever had to care for someone who was morally repulsive to you? This post will help you to deal with an incredibly difficult issue.
  5. Anticipating Unspoken Needs: Knowing what your patients need before they even ask for it is a gift, and one that can be cultivated with advice from this post.
  6. Compassion with Distance: Here, you'll get advice on how to care about your patients without getting too attached.
  7. The "I Care" Mentality: We all have difficult patients now and again, and this blogger shares one way to care for them without losing your cool.
  8. Time for Tasks and the Patient: One of the most difficult aspects of being a nurse is balancing other tasks and spending time with patients. While this post doesn't offer a solution for every situation, it does have some useful advice.
  9. Can Your Religion Influence Your Treatment?: This post explores how our own views might change or limit the care we extend to others.
  10. Protection or Harm– What Are You Doing at the Bedside?: Read this post to better understand how your behavior is really affecting your patients.
  11. 3 Body Language Tips Every Nurse Should Know: Learn to better read what your patients are telling you without saying a word from this post.
  12. How We Can All Improve Our Bedside Manner: Get inspired to work better with patients from this post.
  13. Staying Positive In a Negative World: In this post, you'll learn how to stay positive even when patients are sick and ailing around you.
  14. 10 Behavior Modification Tips for Nurses: How to Help Patients Help Themselves: Read through this post to learn some psychology tricks that can help patients be their own best friends.


Get inspired to do your best work and keep moving forward even when things are hard with help from these posts.

  1. The Nurse As Sisyphus: Do you ever feel like you're the mythical Sisyphus, pushing a rock up a hill only to have to do it again and again? This blogger can relate.
  2. Dr. Kehr: Not all doctors look down on nurses, as this post will show you.
  3. Lifesaver: This sweet story will have you smiling as a patient repays nurses for their kindness during her stay.
  4. Gratitude: Learn why gratitude shouldn't always be your end goal as a doctor or a nurse.
  5. Saved Yet Again: Ever felt like giving up and throwing in the towel? This blogger has been there and shares the story of what changed her mind here.
  6. NICU Baby Grows Up to Be NICU Nurse: Read this story of one girl who was inspired by her own care to take on a career as a nurse.
  7. The Nursing Inspiration Project: Not a blog post per se, this entire site is dedicated to inspiring nurses.
  8. 100 Entertaining & Inspiring Quotes for Nurses: No matter what kind of day you're having at work, these posts will inspire and make you smile.
  9. Next: Learn why it's important to share optimism and to talk about life in this post.
  10. Sometimes You Cry: This post will share that sometimes it's OK to cry, as nursing can be a hard and demanding career.


Get some advice on going to nursing school and making the most of your education here.

  1. 12 Things That Aren't in Medical Texts (But Should Be): You won't find everything you need to know as a nurse in a book, as this post explains.
  2. 5 Mistakes to Avoid In Your Nursing Education: Make sure your nursing education doesn't involve these common mistakes.
  3. Two Qualities Every Nurse Needs: School can teach you a lot of things but this post shows that there are some qualities you need that no school can teach you.
  4. 5 Best Resources to Help You Study: Make sure you're studying smart by taking advantage of these resources.
  5. When You Don't Click With Your Nursing Instructor: There will undoubtedly be many people during your career with whom you don't get along. This post will give you some insights on what you can do to get through the situation.
  6. Dispelling the Black-Hole Myth: Learn why entering nursing school isn't the end of your social life.
  7. Finding Where You Belong: Read through this post to get some advice on finding your place in school and the health care fields.
  8. The Road to Becoming a Nurse Is Not Easy: Here, you'll learn why nursing school is a challenge but one that is worth it.
  9. Confidence In Nursing School: This post will help you to boost your confidence as a nursing student.
  10. Surviving Nursing School: Your First Patient: Treating your first patient can be nerve wracking, but this post offers some advice on how to get through it– sanity intact.
  11. Continuing Nurse Education: Here, you'll learn why your nursing education doesn't end with graduation.
  12. Learning from Pain: This post deals with the lessons that patients can teach you as a student, especially when it comes to living and dealing with pain.


These posts will teach you how to better manage your on-the-job stress.

  1. Hypagogia: Nurses and Doctors Asleep On the Job: Ever been so tired at work you just wanted to fall asleep? This blog discusses the issue of sleepy nurses on the job, from both a serious and lighthearted perspective.
  2. Successful Shuteye: This post will teach you how to make the most of your sleep time.
  3. Countering Compassion Fatigue: Don't let yourself get burnt out on your job to the point where you can no longer relate to patients. Here you'll find tips to help you keep your compassion intact.
  4. Making You a Priority: Here, you'll find advice on making time for you, not just work, a priority in your life and a source of stress relief.
  5. Manage Your Energy at Work: Check out this article for advice on keeping up your energy levels while you're at work.
  6. What Nurses Told Us About How They Relax: This post is full of ideas from other nurses on how they choose to relax at home.
  7. How Do I Deal With an Overwhelming Assignment?: If you're feeling overwhelmed at work, read this post for some advice on managing something that seems like more than you can handle.
  8. Stressed at Work? Tips to Regain Your Balance: In this post, you'll find some help on dealing with the stress that so often comes along with being a nurse.
  9. Identifying and Solving Nurse Burnout in the Workplace: You can help avoid burnout on your job, or deal with it if you're already there, with a little help from this post.
  10. Stress Reduction Techniques for Nurses: Don't let work-related stress take over your life. Instead, try out some of these techniques to lower your stress levels.
  11. 23 Nurses Reveal Their Stress Relief Escapes: These nurses share their ideas on how to manage stress at the end of the day and keep yourself from feeling burned out.
  12. Are We Setting a Bad Example for Our Patients?: This post discusses whether the high-stress environment of nursing sets a bad example for patients.
  13. 6 Releasing Stress Keys at Work: Learn how to let off some steam in a healthy way at work from this post.

On the Job

Here, you'll find posts that will help you overcome stereotypes, get respect and stand up for yourself.

  1. Nurses Are Not Nurse Maids: This post will give you some ammo to stand up for yourself and your appropriate role at work.
  2. Confronting Male Nurse Myths: Here you'll find a frank discussion of many of the myths that surround male nurses.
  3. Stunned Into Silence: Ever had someone on the job undermine your confidence? This post will teach you how to stand up for yourself.
  4. Seize the Chance to Better Nursing Environments: No hospital or medical facility is perfect, so when you get the chance to make things better, this post advises you to jump at the chance.
  5. Confidence Building for Nurses: New or old, this post is full of advice on how nurses can become more confident professionals in the workplace.
  6. Never be late for your shift again: 5 time management tricks that work: Try this post for some ideas on how to improve your time management.
  7. 8 Ways to Stay Alert On a Long Shift: If you're heading out for a long shift, this post offers some ideas to keep you on top of your game for the whole time you're at work.
  8. What Makes a Good Nurse?: Here, you can learn the qualities that make for a great nurse.
  9. Why Nurse Stereotypes Are Bad for Health: Check out this post for a discussion of the problems with pigeonholing male nurses.
  10. I Made a Mistake! This post will help you learn to deal with and move on from making mistakes at work.
  11. Gender Issues in the Nursing Profession: Do you get guff because you're a male nurse? Don't get paid as much as your female counterparts? This post addresses gender in the medical field and what it can mean for you.
  12. Ethical Issues In Nursing: Respect: Learn how to get and give respect here.
  13. Auntie Jo's Rules for Decent Behavior: This post will teach you how to act on the job.

Health and Safety

Just because you tell others how to take care of themselves doesn't mean you always treat yourself to good health practices. Here are some posts that offer advice on eating right, drinking water and staying illness free.

  1. Washing Our Hands Of It: This post reiterates the importance of hand-washing and talks about how many health care professionals still haven't taken the lesson to heart.
  2. Hydrating the Nurse: Here, you'll learn why drinking enough water on the job is essential to good health.
  3. Nurses Can Be Physically and Emotionally Fit: Get some tips on staying well inside and out from this post.
  4. 7 Bad Habits Medical Professionals Should Kick (While They Tell Their Patients to): Do you still have a few bad health habits? This post offers some help on finally kicking those habits and living a healthier life.
  5. The Nurse as a Role Model for Health: Do you feel bad telling your patients how to eat and stay fit while you don't follow the same advice yourself? This post deals with the role of a nurse as a model for healthy living.
  6. Nursing Is Hazardous to Our Health: Learn how your job could be affecting your health negatively and what you can do it stop it.
  7. Eat Right, Feel Right: Here, you'll find the importance of healthy eating for nursing professionals underscored.
  8. Busy Working Professionals Need Quick and Healthy Meal Ideas: Try out this post for some ideas on how to cook quick, healthy meals.
  9. Healthy Snack Ideas for Your Work and Coffee Breaks: Learn how to eat healthy at work in this post.
  10. Hey Nurses: Time to Quit Smoking (Again): Get motivation to quit smoking from this article.
  11. Tips to Prevent the Spread of Colds and Flu On The Job: Check out this post for handy tips that will help keep colds and flus at bay.
  12. Nurses and Nutrition: You CAN Eat Right at Work: Stop making excuses for how you eat at work by reading this post on healthy foods for busy nurses.