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40 Excellent Blogs for PTSD Support

October 6th, 2010

As awareness of the anxieties involved in post-traumatic stress disorder grows within society, more and more individuals feel comfortable opening up about their experiences. No matter the trigger — war, abuse, the death of a loved one, natural disasters and many others — and no matter the person, he or she can find themselves stricken down by this harrowing medical condition. Though PTSD and its comorbid diagnoses swell from varying circumstances, those suffering from it are not nearly as alone in life as they may feel. Even beyond the resources listed here (in no particular order), other blogs, websites and forums specifically catering to the needs of victims provide an online community promoting hope and the pursuit of healthy therapy. Use them as a stepping stone towards stability and peace, though please understand that none of the advice provided here takes the place of professional therapy.

  1. Heal My PTSD: This empowering resource hopes to encourage people suffering from PTSD to make the steps they need towards recovery.

  2. PTSD: A Soldier's Perspective: Post-traumatic stress is a grim reality for many military personnel who experienced combat situations. PASP brings together victims, caregivers and loved ones to provide them with information on navigating such tempestuous waters.

  3. PTSD Blog: Dr. Matthew Tull at About.com blogs intermittently about general PTSD topics for general audiences.

  4. ptsd forum: Participants in the ptsd forum have many venues to share their stories with one another and nurture a sense of hope and community. Users are provided with personal blog space, offering up their different experiences and serving as an online support group.

  5. The Global PTSD Survival Blog: A male rape survivor with multiple personality disorder bravely opens up about the demons he faces daily with the hope that he might reach a reader with similar experiences.

  6. artconstellation: Step inside one woman's courageous battle against PTSD following years of incestuous abuse at the hands of her father. Jenny Sawle uses art as an excellent conduit to make sense of her muddied emotions, sharing some of the highly evocative images with her visitors.

  7. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Community at Revolution Health: Several community members at Revolution Health keep their own blogs as a means of healing their pain and reaching out to others coming from the same situations.

  8. Dr. James Gordon: Although Dr. Gordon does not update with the same frequency as many others on this list, but his efforts to soothe the pain of PTSD worldwide still makes for valuable reading.

  9. A Soldier's Perspective: While not dedicated exclusively to the mental health issues sadly experienced by many returning veterans, A Soldier's Perspective dedicates a goodly amount of time addressing PTSD and depression.

  10. Hope for Trauma: As the blog's title implies, Hope for Trauma provides some amazing insight on the recovery process.

  11. Scattered pieces: Learn about one woman's harrowing journey through therapy for her dissociative identity and post-traumatic stress disorders. PTSD sufferers afraid of pursuing therapy should definitely read about her experiences for their own peace of mind.

  12. Wife of a Wounded Marine: Blogger Karie stood by her husband, an Iraq veteran, as he received treatment for physical and mental damages. Following his unfortunate death, she herself began grappling with PTSD as well. Her writings contain equal parts heartbreak and hope.

  13. Blooming Lotus: Faith Allen's blog serves as a well-respected, insightful and frequently-updated resource for survivors of childhood abuse.

  14. Trauma Blog at Thoughts.com: Another collective blog allowing victims of all types of trauma to talk about the horrors they've survived and provide hope and support for others that happen by.

  15. Good Works in Trauma: This wonderful, philanthropic blog mainly focuses on healing children who have experienced different types of trauma.

  16. A Journey: Once blogger Susan made peace with her traumatic past, she took to activism as a means of guiding others towards their own happiness.

  17. Healing Combat Trauma: For veterans and their loved ones dealing with PTSD related to military service, this blog offers them a slew of incredibly welcome advice.

  18. Trauma Treatment for Children: Patricia Wilcox at Klingberg Family Centers in Connecticut focuses her writings on how her business goes about treating children suffering from PTSD and related diagnoses.

  19. Rose Roars: Survivors of childhood sexual abuse in search of blogs to help them sort out their feelings may want to seek out this informative resource overflowing with compassion and insight.

  20. Catatonic Kid: Because post-traumatic stress disorder may also coexist with depression and anxiety issues, it pays to become education on the subject.

  21. Clinically Clueless: Not all of Clinically Clueless' content revolves around PTSD, but it makes for a very comprehensive aspect.

  22. Trauma Blog: Clinical Social Worker Tanya Ruckstuhl-Valenti looks at the causes and treatment of mental conditions from a professional perspective, making this a nice primer for nervous new patients.

  23. PTSD Combat: In spite of an update schedule not as active as some of the blogs on this list, military personnel struggling with PTSD and their loved ones should turn to this site for guidance on how to handle such pressing trials.

  24. Letters from the Sanitarium: Another blog that may not necessarily be about PTSD, but still serving as an educational peek into comorbid disorders that can exist alongside it — not to mention a staunch supporter of mental health de-stigmatization.

  25. Living with PTSD and TBI: One Army Reservist's wife took up the cause of fighting for PTSD and TBI awareness and support when her husband came home with both disorders.

  26. Felled Not!: Another exemplary blog that caters exclusively to the needs of military members and their families and friends forced to deal with PTSD and TBI.

  27. Mind Parts: Discover how art therapy and other conduits for creativity can quell some of the pain associated with post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health ailments.

  28. Picking up the Peaces: This general PTSD resource answers questions for anyone needing to know more about the subject in addition to hosting events and working tirelessly to de-stigmatize mental illnesses.

  29. A Post-Cynical Sneer: PTSD and depression are the name of the game here, with personal musings and other resources meant to inspire other victims to seek help and live "normal," productive lives.

  30. Broken Brain — Brilliant Mind: Though more about TBI than PTSD, this amazingly detailed and emotional blog does cover a wide spectrum of topics of interest to both them and other mental and physical conditions.

  31. Patient Anonymous: The thoroughly enjoyable Dr. PA writes extensively about PTSD in addition to many comorbid disorders that may appear alongside it. Even the seemingly irrelevant posts have plenty of worthwhile things to say about the unfair de-stigmatization of the mentally ill.

  32. EFT 4 Vets: Veterans and those who want to love and support them as they navigate the torments of PTSD and other trauma disorders will want to visit this blog in order to soak up all they can on the subject.

  33. From Survivor to Thriver: Victims of child abuse who suffer from PTSD and/or depression as a result may very well find an encouraging kindred spirit with this blog's owner and proprietor.

  34. FamilyOfaVet.com: Spouses, children siblings and others who love a member (or members!) of the military with PTSD should follow this family's journey through the ins and outs. Surely some of their experiences will resonate with some readers, making them feel far less alone in their struggles.

  35. Innocence Stolen: Although this blog's author suffered from post-traumatic stress owing to childhood abuse, many with the disorder will likely still relate to the pain related here regardless of their experiences.

  36. Child Abuse Survivor: Child abuse victims with PTSD and other related conditions head to this blog and website to network and discuss their experiences — finding hope and healing along the way.

  37. Svasti: A Journey from Assault to Wholeness: Through intense yoga and therapy, the amazing Svasti worked through her post-assault PTSD, anxiety attacks and depression and now provides inspiration for survivors everywhere.

  38. HOPE: Healing Our Past Experiences delivers on the promise in its name. This virtual safe haven desires to heal the wounds of those devastated by the various forms of abuse.

  39. We Are Adult Survivors of Child Abuse and Neglect: When recovering from PTSD resulting from child abuse, this blog and website provides a fantastic start to the process.

  40. Survivors Can Thrive!: No matter the source of the suffering, Survivors Can Thrive! has plenty of encouraging words to help child abuse victims and others with PTSD make it through life as happy and healthy as possible.