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33 Foods That Make You Ugly

January 17th, 2011

There are all kinds of stories and research studies conducted to tell us how to look younger and more beautiful. But instead of scouring the grocery store for every acai berry or skin-saving product you can get your hands on, you can also avoid certain foods that do damage to your appearance. Some of the foods below are bad for your insides and outsides, while others just make you stinky or sweaty. You might be inclined to cut out certain foods and oils altogether, while others can be saved for nights alone at home.

  1. Cereal: Many of today's cereals are made from anemically "enriched" flours and refined grains, plus an excess of sugar and artificial flavors and colors. Ancient man didn't even eat grains: it's a relatively new phenomenon to eat flaky cereals that cause bloating and can contribute to obesity.
  2. Milk: Whether or not you're completely lactose intolerant, milk can still cause gas. Milk can also cause face bloat or puffiness, and cramping.
  3. Coffee: Coffee in moderation isn't harmful, but if you drink too much, it can stain your teeth, makes your breath smell wicked bad, and may even make you a little gassy. Too much caffeine can also lead to dehydration, which leaves a pallid skin complexion.
  4. Processed food: Processed food lacks natural nutrients, so if you're filling up on these foods, you're most likely not getting nutrients and vitamins you really need. That means your body — including your face — isn't as healthy as it needs to be, and cell repair slows.
  5. Cocaine: Cocaine is obviously a troublemaker for lots of reasons, but it can also make you ugly. Cocaine — especially cocaine that isn't 100% pure — can lead to skin tissue death and a low white-cell count, as well as purple marks on your body.
  6. Alcohol: Even a few drinks might leave you looking a little rough the next day — bloodshot eyes or bags under your eyes, and a weak looking complexion are the result of restless sleep and dehydration. Drinking heavily and often will also help you gain weight and makes you pudgy, as alcohol destroys muscle.
  7. Margarine: Margarine is thought of as a healthier alternative to butter, but check the label. Many margarines contain trans fats, or hydrogenated oils. These are terrible for maintaining hormone balance in your body, and can cause you to break out.
  8. Salt: Eating salty snacks can make your whole body bloat, including your tummy, face and fingers. That tissue-swelling and then deflating makes your skin less elastic over time.
  9. Sugar: Some sugars, like raffinose, lactose, fructose and sorbitol cause gas. And on top of that, high-glycemic foods, like waffles, white breads, Corn Flakes, potatoes, and dates, are what really make you break out.
  10. Soft drinks: Regular 12 oz. sodas have up to 10 teaspoons of sugar, and often contribute to tooth decay and obesity. But even diet sodas with caffeine dehydrate your skin and contain lots of toxins and artificial sweeteners that aren't good for you, either.
  11. Salad dressing: Always check the label before buying salad dressing. Many contain MSG, or include a listing of ingredients that are used to make MSG (a trick used to make you think you're buying something that's MSG-free). The flavor enhancer can cause nausea and headaches, but also sweating, facial tightness and a burning sensation in your face. And even salad dressings without MSG may cause gas, or be mixed with mayonnaise and lots of sugar, which are bad for your skin.
  12. Barbecue sauce: Barbecue sauces are also red flags for MSG. They're also full of sugar and carbs, so check the label.
  13. Trans fats: Cooking oils, microwave popcorn, and packaged or baked goods contain trans fats which clog your arteries and restrict oxygen flow to the brain and your heart. Check the label, but know that some boxes that say "0 Trans Fats" actually do have some trans fats. Food companies can get away with sneaking a half gram of trans fats into a serving, without disclosing the information to the consumer.
  14. Soy sauce: Just one tablespoon of soy sauce can contain over 40% of your daily value of sodium. Many soy sauces also contain MSG, so you'll be a sweaty, bloated mess after all that dipping.
  15. White bread: White breads and rice can lead to inflammation and break outs, so opt for whole-grain, low-glycemic substitutions if you have to eat bread.
  16. Mystery meats: Sausages and other processed meats are packed with fat and salt which are not conducive to beauty.
  17. Cake: Chocolate probably won't make you break out, but cake will. Made with white flour, it leads to inflammation.
  18. Pasta: Pasta is another food that can lead to inflammation, bloating and break outs. Pick whole grain pastas high in dietary fiber if possible.
  19. Doughnuts: Doughnuts are terrible for your skin and your figure. They're packed with refined sugar, refined oils and refined flour. All those refined ingredients lead to break outs, and the intense sugar high you'll feel will be followed by a major crash, giving you headaches and more cravings.
  20. White rice: Unless you want puffiness and pimples, eliminate white rice from your diet.
  21. Artichokes: A staple in many Mediterranean dishes, artichokes naturally contain fructose, which causes gas.
  22. Gelatin: Gelatin, which is used to make Jell-O, candy corn, cream cheese, yogurt, jams, marshmallows and other foods, is a hidden source of MSG.
  23. Palm oil: Another cooking ingredient that might make your date run away is palm oil, which is high in saturated fat and not a safe substitute for trans fat. It amps up cholesterol and promotes heart disease. Check labels on packaged foods like cookies and crackers to make sure they weren't made with palm oil.
  24. French fries: French fries contain gross levels of salt and either saturated fat or hydrogenated vegetable oil (or both). You might notice your fingers swell just a couple of hours after eating french fries, so don't order them on a date.
  25. Chewing gum: Sugary gum can actually make your breath smell worse, so don't pop a stick in right before a kiss if you're hoping the minty freshness will overpower your dinner. The sugar in gum, mints and candy might make your mouth taste good to you, but the sugar helps bacteria reproduce, making your breath reek.
  26. Soy oil: Soy oil is considered an industrial oil, which can break skin down — and out. Always look for unsaturated fat in oils.
  27. Flavored jerky: Besides containing unbelievable amounts of sodium — oftentimes half your daily value or more — flavored jerky usually contains MSG to keep it, well, tasting good for ridiculous amounts of time.
  28. High protein foods: Foods that are high in protein are good for controlling appetite, but they also contribute to bad breath. It's a common problem for people on low-carb diets who rely on fatty, high-protein foods like meat, fish, eggs, and dairy for nutrition. These foods can also lead to dehydration, and later, keto breath.
  29. Garlic: Garlic gets under your skin in a way few foods do. It can make you sweat and stink, even after taking showers and brushing your teeth.
  30. Cabbage: Cabbage is another food that makes you sweat and can give you bad breath. Members of the cruciferae food family — like cabbage — contain sulfur compounds, which make us sweat — and it's the stinky kind of sweat.
  31. Starchy foods: Starchy carbohydrates are very closely linked with bad breath, so avoid potatoes and other starches.
  32. Broccoli: Also part of the cruciferae family, broccoli can make you sweaty and smelly.
  33. Hot wings: Extra spicy foods make you sweat visibly. What date wants to see you dripping over your messy, saucy meal? If you go out for wings, don't try to impress your date by ordering the hottest sauce: stick with something mild.