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40 Funniest Cartoons to Share With the Nurse in Your Life

January 6th, 2011

Nursing is one of the most in-demand industries right now, but nurses still don't always get the respect they deserve. Long shifts, irritable patients, and impatient doctors make work even more stressful, no matter what kind of nurse you are. But these cartoons can cheer you up when you're having a bad day or just want an extra boost of confidence and energy. Here are 40 of our favorite cartoons to hang up in your ward or to share with the nurse in your life.

Patient Care

Keep your sense of humor when it comes to difficult patients or patients you wish you had more time to care for.

  1. A little pinch: This cartoon pokes fun at the oft-used nurse's phrase.
  2. I would have been here sooner: A patient who's passed on apologizes for not making it to heave on time.
  3. Nurse Training: Get a chuckle out of this illustration of nurses training.
  4. Nurse Cartoon 3: Laugh at past experiences with demanding patients when you read this cartoon.
  5. Vitamin D: You'd sign up for this treatment, too.
  6. Will Look Up Famous People: If you've ever felt that patients expect too much coddling — or for you to be their personal Google — print this out.
  7. Scale: Maybe this will help you deal with patient vanity.
  8. Rate Your Pain: Sometimes, it's just easier this way.
  9. Blood Pressure: Medicine isn't the cure for everything, we're sure you know.
  10. Emergency Lollipop: Here's a cute cartoon to hang up, especially if you treat kids.
  11. Try to get some rest: You may find certain parts of your job a little ironic.
  12. Burger Mold: If you feel guilty when you serve your patients hospital food, read this cartoon.
  13. John Tesh: Oh, the things you wish you could do to kill the time.


Sometimes, you have great doctors. Other times, your supervisor is a bit of a jerk. Here are cartoons to keep it all in perspective.

  1. Um, excuse me doctor: If you've ever had to school a doctor in medical instruments, you'll laugh at this toon.
  2. Cranky doctor: If you're suspicious of your doctor's motives, try out this test.
  3. Oops!: This cartoon pokes fun at doctors and cartoonists.
  4. Never talk down to patients: The same rule applies to nurses.
  5. Donuts: This cartoon is for all the nurses who feel unappreciated at work.
  6. The doctor will be a little late: Here's a smart-alecky solution for late doctors.

Nursing Profession

These cartoons will help you laugh at everything from paper work to school nursing to nursing education and training.

  1. Hospital Food: This cartoon points out just how bad the hospital food is.
  2. Super heroes: This cartoon gives medical workers the honor they deserve.
  3. Nurses cartoon 6: You know what it's like to try to teach kids about nutrition, don't you?
  4. Innies, Outies: Nurses in charge of newborns will love this cartoon.
  5. Genius: You've got to train the new ones right.
  6. Hospital Time: Everyone knows "hospital time" is a little more flexible than real time.
  7. Catch of the Day: Will you get the flu, strep throat or another "catch?"
  8. Why am I a nurse?: This cartoon says a lot about what nurses have to do each day.
  9. Wounded Soldiers and Nightingales: Here's a vintage tribute to Florence Nightingale.
  10. That Special Place: If you hate insurance companies, you'll want to hang up this cartoon.
  11. FDA Approval: This cartoon takes a jab at the bureaucratic process.
  12. Mongo: Here's a hilarious spin on the bizarre world of medicine and transplants.
  13. Budget cuts: Try to laugh at something so depressing when you look at this cartoon.
  14. Continuing education credit: …If only.
  15. Bad Mood: Perk up a bit when you're in a bad mood, and realize what that means you can get away with.
  16. Mental health day: Sometimes even nurses are at a loss for a valid sounding medical excuse.
  17. Career Day: Even if you love your job, you probably have moments like this.
  18. My job is mostly seasonal: If you divide your work cycle into seasons like this school nurse, you'll laugh.
  19. 25 cents: Have another laugh at the expense of budget cuts.
  20. Fruit Basket: If only you had your own office!
  21. Why Nursing: The reason you became a nurse may be hard to remember sometimes.