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50 Best Blogs for Healthy Parenting

January 23rd, 2011

By Kitty Holman

As a parent, you want to ensure that you're giving your kids the healthiest and most nutritious upbringing you can, but sometimes balancing work, other commitments and family can be hard – not to mention the challenges of wrangling kids who are picky eaters, have allergies or just don't want to cooperate. What's a busy parent to do? One option is to look to the web for advice. On these blogs, psychologists, nurses, teachers, experts and other parents offer up their advice and guidance on raising happy, healthy kids and keeping yourself in the same condition to boot, so check them out if you're looking for some help.

General Advice

These blogs are full of great advice on a wide range of parenting issues.

  1. Raising a Healthy Family: From dealing with social networking to helping kids eat right, this blog is a one-stop destination for help with healthy parenting.
  2. Mothers in Medicine: These moms work in the medical field, so they're experts on health, but you'll find much more than that on their insightful and heartfelt parenting blog.
  3. Center on Media and Child Health: This blog is an excellent place to read more about how media images may be affecting your children.
  4. Happy Healthy Hip Parenting: You'll find everything from tips on losing your baby weight to how to manage work and parenting on this blog.
  5. dooce: This famous blog written by Heather Armstrong is a great place to find insights into parenting and maybe share a few laughs as well.
  6. The Healthy Moms Magazine: Check out this blogazine for tips on staying healthy and keeping your kids in the same condition as well.
  7. Smart Parents Blog: Here you'll find help with pediatric issues, staying healthy and loads of general information on raising kids.
  8. The Parents Zone: Find inspiration, advice and great articles on a wide range of health and child-rearing topics here.

From the Experts

Check out one of these blogs to seek advice from doctors, nurses and other health professionals.

  1. Schoolkids Healthcare Blog: On this site, you'll get great expert information that can help you keep your kids safe, healthy and happy.
  2. Pediatrics Blog: Dr. Vincent Iannelli maintains this pediatric health blog, a great resource when you're looking for information to keep your kids growing strong.
  3. Pediatric Health Associates: From babies to teens, you'll find a wealth of information to help you be a healthy parent here.
  4. Dr. Gwenn Is In: This pediatrician and mom shares her thoughts on practicing children's medicine, parenting and raising her kids.
  5. Momma Data: Take a critical look at children's health news with Dr. Polly Plumbo on this blog.
  6. Dr. Kristie McNealy: This doctor offers some great tips to help your kids stay healthy all year long.
  7. Dr. Thompson's Blog: Check out this blog to get ideas on keeping your kids safe, getting the health care you need and much more.


If you're looking for some new ideas on getting your kids to eat healthy foods, pay a visit to one of these blogs.

  1. Healthy Child, Healthy World: This blog is a great place to find inspiration on ways you can keep your kids safe from harmful chemicals that may be in their food or household items.
  2. Family Health and Nutrition: Need some help making organic, healthy foods more affordable? Check out the deals featured on this blog.
  3. Nourish Family Nutrition: You'll get a number of healthy, delicious recipes for the whole family on this blog.
  4. A Life Less Sweet: Learn how to cut the sugar out of your family's diet with a little help from this blog.
  5. Nourishing Thoughts: Get news and advice on family nutrition through this extremely helpful blog.
  6. My Kitchen Nutrition: Julie Negrin is a culinary and nutrition educator who shares her expertise on this blog.
  7. Super Kids Nutrition Blog: Want to make your kid a superkid? This blog can give you the nutrition information you'll need to make it happen.

Setting an Example

You can't tell your kids to be healthy if you're not doing it yourself. Here are some blogs that provide great inspiration for being a healthy parent.

  1. Fit Mom's Blog: Whether you're a mom or a dad, you can take some fitness pointers from this blog.
  2. Escape from Obesity: If you're a parent struggling with obesity, take a look at this blog for some inspiration.
  3. Workout Mommy: Learn how this mom keeps fit and finds time for workouts on this site.
  4. The Wii Mommies: Become a tech-savvy and fit parent with help from this blog all about fitness routines through the Wii.
  5. Total Fit Mom: This blog can help you to lose that post-pregnancy weight and get in shape so you can keep up with your kids.

Pregnancy and Babies

These blogs focusing on health for little ones and moms-to-be.

  1. Mama Knows Breast: Visit this blog to learn about the many benefits of breastfeeding your baby.
  2. Pregnancy and Baby: Have questions about pregnancy or your new baby? This blog can help answer them.
  3. Bellies and Babies: This midwife, childbirth educator and doula can inspire you to have a natural childbirth with the stories featured on her blog.
  4. Smart Mommy, Healthy Baby: Read this blog to educate yourself on some of the best ways to stay healthy during your pregnancy and to have a healthy baby after.
  5. Postpartum Progress: If you're struggling with postpartum depression, don't go it alone. Find help and guidance from professionals and some support from the blogger and mom behind this site.
  6. Safe Mama: Wanna keep your babies and kids safe? This site is a great place to find out about recalls and the safest baby products.

Teens and Kids

If your kids are past the baby stage, look to these blogs for help with health issues.

  1. Free Range Kids: Visit this site to get some parenting tips on having great kids without being overbearing.
  2. The Sara Bellum Blog: If you think your teen may be using drugs, read this blog or pass it along.
  3. Growing Healthy Kids: Help your kids eat right and appreciate the healthy things in life with help from this blog.
  4. Parenting Teens: Parenting teens can be rough, but you'll get some great advice and help to guide you through those difficult years here.
  5. Radical Parenting: This blog takes a different approach, offering parenting advice from a kids perspective.

Green Parenting

For many parents out there, healthy parenting means green parenting. Give these blogs a read to help reduce chemicals in your home, learn how to live more sustainably and eat better.

  1. The Green Parent: Learn how to live more sustainably as a whole family with a little information found on this blog.
  2. Natural Papa: This dad celebrates living green and shares some of his own ideas on this site.
  3. Nature Moms Blog: Check out this blog for natural remedies, recipes and ideas for being a more natural parent.
  4. Green Baby Guide: Learn how to waste less, use fewer chemicals and have a more earth-friendly babyhood for your child from this blog.
  5. The Tranquil Parent: This blog offers up some great ideas for raising kids the safe, green and healthy way.
  6. Enviromom: This blog can answer many of your questions when it comes to living more sustainably with kids.
  7. Petite Planet: Here, you'll find some great resources for taking care of babies and kids without using environmentally-harmful products.

Illnesses and Conditions

If your child is suffering from allergies, asthma, or behavioral disorders, give these blogs a read to learn how to better care for your little ones.

  1. Please Don't Pass the Nuts: If you're raising a child with a nut allergy, this blog is a must read for learning the best ways to keep him or her healthy.
  2. The Allergic Kid: Visit this blog to get some seriously yummy recipes that don't contain dairy, nuts, shellfish, red meat or eggs.
  3. Asthma Mom: Learn how to keep your asthmatic child healthy no matter where you live with help from this blog.
  4. EBD Blog: It can be tough knowing how to deal with a kid with an emotional and behavioral disorder, but this blog can provide some seriously helpful insights.
  5. Allergy Moms: From peanuts to dust mites, this blog will keep you in the know about all the latest allergen news.