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50 Best Blogs for School Nurses

January 4th, 2011

With students, teachers and staff members all needing help and care when they're feeling ill, the work of a school nurse is never done. Finding new ways to balance your workload, manage your life and keep up with advances in medical care can be challenging, but the internet makes it a little easier. Whether you're fresh out of nursing school or a seasoned veteran, check out these blogs for the best news, information and advice for school nursing professionals.

School Nurses

Take a look at these blogs for help, advice and news from other school nurses.

  1. The School Nurse Speaks: Hear from school nurse Nancy about her work and life in this blog.
  2. Scrubs Magazine: No matter what kind of nursing you practice, this online blogazine has something to offer.
  3. Kiddizzy: Get funny and interesting stories from this school nurse as well as advice on dealing with cold and flu season.
  4. Provo School Nurses: These school nurses share their expertise and updates about community healthcare on this blog.
  5. Central Community Elementary School Health Blog: Parents, nurses and community members will find everything they need on this blog to help kids grow up happy and healthy.

Safety and Prevention

These blogs are full of great ideas to keep your students safe and illness-free.

  1. EDC Blog: Visit this blog to learn more about improving health and education at home and around the world.
  2. The Sara Bellum Blog: School nurses can visit this blog for ideas about how to teach teens about the dangers of drug use.
  3. BUG Blog: Got a lice problem at your school? Follow along with this humorous and helpful blog to learn all about pest control.
  4. Scarleteen: Help teens avoid STDs and pregnancy by educating them about sex, with the help of sites like this one, helping give teens, parents and medical professionals insights into sex ed.

Children's Health

Read through the information featured in these blogs to keep up with children's health issues.

  1. Science Daily Children's Health News: You'll be able to stay in-the-loop about all news related to children's health when you follow this blog.
  2. School Health Alert Blog: From legal issues in school healthcare to funny stories from school nurses, this blog is a great place to find great info and a few laughs.
  3. School Kids Healthcare Blog: This healthcare blog features all kinds of healthcare-related stories that can help you in your work.
  4. Thrive: Created by Children's Hospital of Boston, this blog offers up tips, tools and news to help keep kids healthy.
  5. Healthy Child Healthy World: Learn ways to help educate students and parents on the health-related reasons they should go green on this blog.
  6. Kid's Health Blog: Hear from Children's Hospital of Minnesota on a wide range of health care issues on this site.
  7. Teen Health Clinic Blog: Teens and medical professionals alike can learn from this blog from the Baylor Teen Health Clinic.

Mental Health and Development

School nurses are in a unique position to watch out for signs of abuse and depression and to monitor the development of students at all ages. Use these blogs to learn more.

  1. The New Teen Age: Learn how teens think and how to better deal with the issues they may be bringing you as a school nurse with the help of this blog.
  2. A Psychological Solution to Bullying: Bullying is a big problem in schools today, so learn to recognize the signs and get students the help they need with advice and interesting articles found on this site.
  3. The Teenage Mind: A lot of changes happen as students go through puberty, many of which authority figures may find hard to understand or deal with. Help explain the science behind these changes with the aid of this blog.
  4. Overcoming Child Abuse: If you see bruises or scratches on your patients, you may suspect abuse. Learn how to help these students get the help they need and understand the effects of abuse with guidance from therapist Catherine McCall.
  5. The Child in Time: This blog is an excellent place to learn more about child development.
  6. Teen Mental Health: Blogger Laura Birk shares insights into teenage mental health on this blog.


Check out these sites to see what's going on in the field of health care policy, with a special focus on how it impacts children.

  1. Say Ahhh!: This children's health policy blog is the perfect place to keep up with the politics that affect your job.
  2. Wisconsin Council on Children and Families: Even if you don't live or work in Wisconsin, you can still appreciate the policy information you'll find on this site.
  3. MomsRising Blog: Hear from parents, professionals and more on this blog, all fighting for better healthcare for kids.
  4. Health Policy Hub: This general health policy blog offers up news on healthcare as a whole as well as articles more specifically geared towards care for kids.


These blogs offer you the chance to learn more about some of the conditions your patients may be living with as well as infectious diseases and other illnesses you'll see as a school nurse.

  1. Asthma Blog: This About.com blog can be a helpful resource when treating students suffering from asthma– a common childhood ailment.
  2. CHADD Blogs: You'll find a number of excellent sites through the Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder site.
  3. Getting Rid of the ED: Eating disorders aren't just something that show up in TV dramas– thousands of young men and women struggle with them. Learn the signs and how to help young people seek treatment from this blog of a mom helping her daughter through anorexia.
  4. JDRF News Blog: Find out more about juvenile diabetes on this excellent site.
  5. Rare Disease Blogs: Have a student with a rare condition? Research it through this blog.
  6. The Autism Advocate: Through this blog you can learn more about how to treat and care for students who may be suffering from mild to severe autism.
  7. Pills Don't Teach Skills: Learn why medications like Ritalin may not always be the solution for kids with ADD on this blog.
  8. Cystic Fibrosis Blogs: Search through a number of great blogs about cystic fibrosis on this site.
  9. Flu News Blog: Stay abreast of the latest outbreaks of flu and related news so you'll be ready and able to care for patients when it comes your way.
  10. Infectious Diseases Blog: This blog is an excellent place to learn more about many of infectious diseases that are spread around your school.
  11. E is for Epilepsy: Learn firsthand what it's like to live with epilepsy from this blog.

Nutrition and Food

Childhood obesity is a national crisis. Help educate your students with help from these blogs.

  1. Childhood Obesity News: Professionals, parents, teachers and more can learn about ways to fight childhood obesity on this blog.
  2. School Nutrition Association: Through this blog, you can learn more about how to get your school to serve healthier lunches.
  3. The Lunch Tray: This blog is full of news on healthy eating for school kids.
  4. Dr. Susan's Better School Food Blog: Dr. Susan Rubin shares her expertise on nutrition through this blog.
  5. The Lunch Box Blog: Need some assistance in getting your school motivated to provide students with healthier foods? This blog is the place to do it.
  6. Kids Food Allergies: Food allergies are increasingly common in children, so make sure you know what's what when it comes to treating kids with the help of a blog like this one.
  7. Fooducate: Learn more about the foods being served at your school and to your students from this blog.


These blogs offer a chance to learn more about pediatrics from experts in the field.

  1. Pediatrics Blog: This general site is a good place to start learning about issues that will affect the majority of the students under your care, both at school and at home.
  2. Pediatric SuperSite: Here you'll find a blog that features some of the latest advancements and research in the field of pediatrics.
  3. Dr. Gwenn Is In: This pediatrician and mom shares her thoughts on work, life and everything in between on this blog.
  4. PediaCast: Follow along with this podcast through this site and you'll be able to learn about topics like bullying, constipation, flu vaccination, food allergies and much more.
  5. Dr. David's Blog: Pediatric oncologist David Loeb shares stories of his work with young patients on this blog.
  6. Pediatric Education: This site is an excellent resource for school nurses who want to learn more about new research in pediatrics, medical care issues and policy problems.