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60 Excellent Nursing Blogs for Exploring Other Specialties

January 27th, 2011

There are dozens upon dozens of nursing specialties out there for nurses to choose from, so whether you're considering a change of pace in your career or are still weighing your options while you're in school, there's a lot to think about. It can pay to explore what specialties are out there and hear from those who work in them before making a career change or choosing a specialty. Here are some great blogs that can help to educate you on what it's like to work in a busy ER, with newborns, in the ICU, on the road or even in a school to help make the right choice for your interests and goals and learn all you can about any specialty that sounds interesting.

Emergency Room

These blogs provide tales of nurses working in ER and trauma settings, letting you hear all the good and the bad of it.

  1. Madness: Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse: Here you'll find a veteran nurse at an inner city hospital ER who shares her experiences.
  2. Emergiblog: Get insights into what really goes on in the life of an ER nurse on this blog.
  3. Call Bells Make Me Nervous: If a new nurse's perspective is more what you're in search of, consider this blog written by a professional who's only been on the job for a few years.
  4. EDNurseasauras: With 34 years of experience under her belt, this nurse has a wide range of ER nursing stories to share. You'll love the interesting and amusing stories she presents.
  5. Impacted Nurse: Nurse Ian Miller has been working in the Emergency Department of a hospital in Australia for over twenty years, giving you insights into the field as well as how things work in other countries.
  6. Crass-Pollination: Check out this blog by Nurse K, sharing the ups and downs of working in an ER in Montana.
  7. David Marciniak: Nurse and father of nine David Marciniak is a busy man, but somehow makes it all work. Learn more about his life and job here.
  8. Thoughts from the Night Shift: This ER trauma nurse works the night shift, when some of the weirdest and wildest cases come in.
  9. ER Nursey: Here you'll find some great stories about the healthcare, most of which focus on the work being done in ERs.
  10. Those Emergency Blues: This cynical nurse loves his job, but sees some problems with the health care system.
  11. Life In The ER a Nurse's Perspective: Here, an ER nurses rants and raves about work in a stressful environment.


Oncology nursing can be emotionally trying, but these blogs may show you that it's worth it to help those who need it most.

  1. AONN Expert Opinions Blog: Check out this blog for some insightful articles from the Academy of Oncology Nurse Navigators.
  2. Ashleigh's Oncology Nursing Blog: On this blog, you'll not only find posts about oncology nursing, but loads about using technology in health care as well.

Labor and Delivery

These nurses help new moms deliver and care for the needs of newborn babies.

  1. 10 Centimeters and Beyond: Nurse Lochia is a nurse who works the night shift in Labor and Delivery in the Midwest, and is also a mother herself. She shares stories about her work and her own life on this blog.
  2. At Your Cervix: This popular blog is home to a nurse who shares stories of working in labor and delivery that are amusing, inspiring and just plain interesting to read.
  3. Stork Stories: Here you'll find stories of birth and breastfeeding from an OB neonatal nurse.
  4. Adventures in Juggling: This nurse has five kids and an active family life and has to juggle it all while working as a NICU RN.
  5. Midwife Connection: Considering a career as a nurse midwife? You'll find a great number of resources on this site from the ACNM.
  6. A Midwife's Muse: Get an international perspective on being a midwife from this mom and professional working in the UK.
  7. Bethany Women's Healthcare: On this blog you can hear from one of the many great midwifery facilities in the United States.
  8. Pinky RN: This student nurse is working hard to become a labor and delivery nurse.
  9. Nurse's Watch: On Nurse's Watch, you'll get to read posts from a pediatrics and labor and delivery nurse.

Long Term and Palliative Care

On these blogs, you'll hear from nurses who are working with terminally ill or aged patients.

  1. Midwife for the End of Life: Visit this blog to learn about one nurse's experience working with those who are at the end of their lives.
  2. CAHF Long-Term Care Nurses Council: If you have an interest in long-term care nursing, this blog is an excellent place to start learning more.
  3. HPNA Blog: The Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association posts their latest news and information on this blog.
  4. GeriPal: Learn more about geriatric and palliative care from this highly informative blog.

Critical Care/ICU

If working with the most critically ill patients interests you, check out these blogs written by wonderful nurses.

  1. Weird Nursing Tales: Nurse Tex shares his experiences working as a Critical Care Float Nurse in an East Coast hospital.
  2. CodeBlog: Gina offers up some great insights into what it's like to work as an ICU nurse on this blog.
  3. Florid Nightingale: This blogger is both an ICU nurse and a teacher, helping the next generation of students prepare to work in the ICU– a perfect read for those interested in the specialty.
  4. Nurse J: This blog offers readers a chance to read about the life of Nurse J, a Critical Care Nurse.
  5. Nurse & Lawyer: Hear the perspective of both an ICU nurse and a lawyer on the hot topics through this blog.
  6. Nurse Me: Love reading about life in the ICU and trauma unit? This blog is a great choice for stories about everything from dealing with stress to handling difficult patients.
  7. Taking the Scenic Drive: This ICU nurse deals with the littlest patients since she works in pediatrics, a great mix of two specialties in one blog for anyone who wants to learn more.
  8. The Man-Nurse Diaries: Here you'll find posts about health care news as well as stories straight from critical care.
  9. Nurse XY: A new grad, this blogger is taking on an internship in a critical care unit. Read about his experiences here.

Mental Health

These sites are perfect for learning more about nursing care in the mental health specialty.

  1. A Psychiatric Nurse's Blog: Life as a psychiatric nurse can be taxing sometimes. Learn about what it's like to work in this field from this great blog.
  2. Family Mental Health: This PsychCentral blog is a great place to learn more about family mental health issues.
  3. Mental Nurse: Read, comment and learn more about mental health nurse from this informative, overseas blog.
  4. Not a Nursing Student Blog…: This nurse not only works in mental health, but in forensic mental health, often dealing with violent and mentally unstable patients.

Nurse Practitioner

If you're considering pursuing additional education to become a nurse practitioner, give these blogs a read.

  1. Nurse Practitioner's Place: This blog is a wonderful resource for any nursing student or nurse interested in understanding just what it takes to be a nurse practitioner.
  2. What School Doesn't Teach About Being a Nurse Practitioner: You won't learn everything you need to know in school, as this blog will show. Sometimes, the only way to learn is to do it.
  3. A Nurse Practitioner's View: Read about trends, issues and policies that affect nurse practitioners working today through this blog, from someone who knows them best– a NP.
  4. New Grad NP: This blog will let you hear from a new NP on what's really going on in the workplace.
  5. It Shouldn't Happen in Healthcare: Nurse Practitioner Max started out as a pediatric nurse, but now works in general practical – something you can read all about here.
  6. The Makings of a Nurse: Read this blog by a nurse working in Clinical Nurse Leadership.
  7. NP Odyssey: This NP in training shares experiences from the hospital floor and the classroom.

Travel Nursing

No matter what specialty you choose, travel nursing may very well be an option. Read through these blogs to see if it's right for you.

  1. Adventures in Travel Nursing: This couple both have jobs as travel nurses, letting them see the country while sticking together.
  2. Travel Nursing Blogs: On this site, you'll find perspectives on travel nursing from a wide range of specialties as well as some really great general information.
  3. The Official Travel Nursing Blog: This blog can help you establish whether or not travel nursing is the right choice for you.
  4. Ask Conrad: Travel nurse Conrad answers all your questions about nursing on the road here.


These blogs touch on a wide range of specialties from nutrition to infusion nursing.

  1. Nursing Influence: Cath Lab nurse Amy discusses a wide range of topics that affect nurses on this blog.
  2. Junkfood Science: If you've got an interest in nutrition, consider a career as an RN and dietician with some guidance from this blog.
  3. Crzegrl, Flight Nurse: Those looking for a bit of excitement to go along with their nursing may want to read this blog from an Army flight nurse.
  4. Nurse Healers: If holistic nursing is more of your thing, give this blog a read.
  5. RehabRN: Learn more about what it's like to work in a rehab facility as a nurse by reading this blog.
  6. The Muse, RN: Nursing isn't just about helping patients, it's also about training and working with other nurses. This nursing blog can help you learn about a career as an educator and leader in the field.
  7. Tales of a School Zoned Nurse: If you love to work with kids, read through this blog for help determining whether or not a career as a school nurse is for you.
  8. Travelista RN: Check out this blog to learn about a nurse working towards being an RN and getting an MS in management at the same time.
  9. Infusion Nurse Blog: On this site, you can learn more about the nursing profession and infusion nursing.
  10. Insights in Nursing: No matter what specialty you're interested in pursuing, you'll find information here on this site loaded with interviews and articles from those working in health care today.