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January 10th, 2011

With the internet being such a fast growing phenomenon, and healthcare continuing to expand and expect many high demand professions, it's no surprise there are plenty of nursing schools around, through both traditional campuses and online schools. Some schools are actual schools of nursing, while others offer nursing programs in their schools. Either way, both can prepare students with the skills, training and knowledge needed to excel in the healthcare field. Since there are several different types of nurses in the healthcare industry, there are a number of schools and training programs for several different types of nurses.

Some nursing programs allow individuals that are already certified and work in nursing to continue to work while also working towards a degree in nursing. For instance, a RN to BSN program, which is offered at numerous online schools in the U.S., allows individuals who are registered nurses to go back to school to complete a bachelor degree in nursing, or BSN. These types of programs are offered at both online schools and traditional campuses, with some programs offering both online courses and lab work and other requirements on campus. Earning a BSN may open more opportunities for a registered nurse such as advancements in their job, a higher salary, or to qualify for better nursing jobs.

Other programs such as RN to BSN program include the LVN, which is a licensed vocational nurse, or LPN, which is a licensed practical nurse, to RN program, which allows licensed vocational and practical nurses to receive more training to qualify as registered nurses. While LPNs and LVNs are trained nurses, they are limited on the extent of work they can perform and the duties they are assigned when it comes to patient care. Programs such as this one will help qualify participants for better job opportunities, higher salaries, more skills, and a better training and background in nursing.

Some schools solely offer traditional degrees in nursing to students interested in the profession. Such degrees include an Associate Degree of Science in Nursing, also known as an AS in Nursing, and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, also known as a BSN. These degrees can take anywhere from about 2 to 4 years to finish and are offered at online and on traditional campuses as well. Many schools base nursing curriculums on health and wellness, disease prevention, illness management and prevention, studies of the human body, and health technology, amongst others.