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California Healthcare Providers Evaluate Future of the State’s Nursing Industry

January 26th, 2011

A national summit was held earlier this month in Washington, D.C. on the future of the healthcare industry. Issues discussed at this meeting may have an impact on state nursing programs, reports California Healthline.

The summit was held to officially launch the Institute of Medicine’s report, The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health. Officials behind the study said that the purpose was not to reform healthcare, but transform how it is delivered.

According to Donna Dolinar, who is on the board of the California chapter of the American Nursing Association, her state is ahead of the curve in implementing healthcare reform.

In fact, California is the only state that has staffing ratios. According to Dolinar, senator Barbara Boxer may be interested in making this a national law.

In 1999, California passed a state law that established nurse-staffing levels and led to improved safety and higher retention.

“If you know that you will be going to work with decent ratios, when you know how many patients you’re going to be taking care of, that makes a big difference to coming into work,” said Dolinar.

California was expected to have a shortage of 12,000 registered nurses by 2014, according to a 2007 report that was released by Elizabeth G. Hill, the state’s key legislative analyst.