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Nursing Informatics

January 9th, 2011

As computer technology continues to grow, so has a home for nursing informatics. This nursing field that chains traditional nursing abilities with computer proficiency has launched like a rocket and doesn't seem to be slowing down. Nurse informatics handle and connect nursing data and information with the intention of assisting those in making better decisions when it comes to health care. Generally nurse informatics reside in hospital and other health care environments. However more recently there are those that are relocating to more profitable settings with consulting firms and suppliers. The work being done in these offices is comprised of nurses writing and altering computer software, assisting other nurses in discovering any flaws in their current computer system, and if necessary, training others in the ways of handling such systems. With nursing informatics, you assist a patient with getting on to the road to recovery, even when you're not the one physically applying the aid.

Even though this job involves minimal direct contact with patient care, if any at all, you will still need to obtain a registered nurse license. With nursing programs are continually becoming more active in using computers and from the most basic curriculum to advanced levels, having an education with these programs is a must. Depending upon how far you want to go with your level of computer skills is completely dependent upon your own personal desire. The occupation of nursing informatics really does bring technology together with clinical care. They are able to interpret multifaceted medical data and help others comprehend the daunting-looking information on a computer screen. This profession gives any nurse the opportunity to earn a healthy income.

When it comes to obtaining a job itself, there is no person that will argue that the more training and experience a nurse has the more of a commodity he or she could be to an organization. Increasing your skill set only pushes you further ahead of others scratching a clawing for a full-time, highly paying nursing position. In this particular field, computers are the main component. Being knowledgeable with them and having a strong computer technology background can hurdle you over others that may have more medical experience, but less of a technological resume. This rare field in the nursing industry can allow those with less of a passion for medicine the opportunity to be a valuable part of the health care industry while still furthering your own person interest – technology.