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The Role of a Nurse Researcher

January 3rd, 2011

Nurse researchers spend their days trying to find all different kinds of way to advance health and health care services. They are scientists who analyze all facets of health and illness. Through creating and applying various scientific studies, nurse researchers gather and examine data, and chronicle their findings. This research is funded by grants, which are acquired through written proposals and awarded when reporting requirements are met. Usually the working arena for a nurse researcher is an academic or medical setting. Daily activities entail composing articles and research reports for nursing, medical, as well as various professional journals and similar publications.

The career path of a nurse researcher begins as a research assistant or clinical data coordinator. As your experience grows, so does the responsibility you take on. Eventually the job duties include finding new and superior ways to distribute health care services – in a more proficient way. Nurse researchers strive to improve the quality of life for those in pain from lingering illnesses. They work to motivate patients to select healthy choices, resulting in better lifestyles. Nurse researchers team up with scientists from other fields to further tackle compound questions and problems. To get to this point, an education beyond a four year degree is required. A doctorate can give you the opportunity to conduct advanced nursing research. It is a similar career to that of a scientist, because they both involve a necessary interest in discovering questions and uncovering answers by way of research studies.

Nurse researchers can work in various environments – health care settings, learning institutions, laboratories. Their working arenas may also expand if hired by private companies as well as nonprofit organizations that possess an interest in health care issues. With most research studies being funded independently, nurse researchers can jump from project to project. However as long as grant money is coming in, the research does not need to stop. The funding is essential when talking about having the money to conduct all of these great studies comprised by nurse researchers. There is something very exciting and motivating about uncovering information that can not only improve, but save someone's life. Nurse researchers discover the knowledge we need to better out lives and further our human development. The answers they find keep patients safe preventing them from injury and illness. Nurse researchers give care and comfort to those that are nearing the end of their lives, offering a peaceful finale to what can be a long rollercoaster ride.