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What a Legal Nurse Consultant Does

January 2nd, 2011

There is one job that links the world of medicine to the judicial system, and that is the title of legal nurse consultant. The job description begins with examining medically-related matters that may be relevant to a legal case. A legal nurse consultant offers an educated opinion on any case being discussed. The world of health care can be complex and difficult to understand for those that have spent their lives studying law. So when a case involves a health care issue – usually one that is complex and presents a challenge to the process of a trial – legal nurse consultants are brought in to interpret the evidence that is presented. It is the worthwhile knowledge of a nurse consultant that can make the intricacies of the health care system easier to understand, further allowing those in the legal field to continue doing their own job to the best of their ability.

Being that this job requires knowledge beyond that of a registered nurse, a specific training course is required for all those interested in pursuing this fascinating career. However once you complete this training, you have the ability to possess your own independent consulting practice. The lucrative advantages continue as you will still be able to carry out working at a law firm, government office, or perhaps for an insurance company. While it may feel tedious, a day to day picture of the work done by a legal nurse consultant can include educating lawyers on any relevant medical facts that they need to comprehend for a case – i.e. going over any records or other medical documents to help conclude whether or not there is any relevance to a case. In this situation your opinion basically determines whether or not a lawyer has a case. Your opinion as a result can be weighed on heavily at times, forcing you to only further remain independent and go strictly by the information that has been presented to you.

By typically charging less than medical doctors, the high demand for nurse consultants only continues to rise. These nurses become cost-effective commodities to legal firms, attorneys, and any other party that chooses to use their services. With this nursing field offering multiple opportunities across the country, the extra two years of school can be significantly worth it. It is in school that you learn to comprehend the multifaceted nature of medical-legal cases. You are able to acquire a unique skill set, and put yourself in a situation where you can better serve your community.