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What Is a Holistic Nurse?

January 10th, 2011

In the world of health care, all registered nurses have many options when it comes to choosing the work setting or the type of treatment they would like to specialize in. One of which is the role of a holistic nurse. These supportive men and women offer care such as acupuncture, massage and aroma therapy, and biofeedback, which are meant to treat patients' mental and spiritual health in addition to their physical health. This unique practice can serve any patient well, and generally can lead to a speedy and prompt recovery.

No matter the specialty or work setting, all registered nurses treat patients and inform patients as well as the public regarding numerous medical conditions. These nurses are able to give advice and offer emotional support to a patients close friends or family members. Looking more specifically at the description of Holistic nursing, this particular practice involves nurses using their knowledge and instincts to calm and heal those in their care. This practice works with the entirety of the human being. From the mind to the body, each patient's spirit is focused on – holistic nurses are all about helping you find a happy place in your mind. These nurses are the architects of the entire healing process. This type of nursing has less to do with physical actions, but is more about attitude and philosophy. This way of being, calls upon holistic nurses to incorporate self-care, and reflection in their patients' lives.

This practice has the potential to direct any nurse to more awareness of the connections between a person's self and spirit. It is hopeful that this awareness can further enrich holistic nurses' comprehension of all patients and those individuals' relations to the human and overall community. This entire action really centers on the healing of the soul, and calming the minds of the patients in their care. Relaxing a patients mind has been proven to be just as important as the physical healing itself. Holistic nurses have the ability to bring in this type work into clinical practice and then treat their patient's physical, mental, and spiritual needs. This act of going outside of traditional medical book does not disaffirm the validity of conventional medical treatments, however only assists to balance and broaden the scope of nursing practice. In short, a holistic nurse is someone that aids an individual in gaining access to their utmost healing potential.