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What Is an Accelerated Nursing Program?

January 18th, 2011

The title of this program really does tell the whole story. These programs were designed to serve the needs of any of those who aspire to dive into the nursing field at an accelerated pace – faster than the usual time span. If you have expressed an interest in being a part of these programs you must first have obtained a Bachelors in the field you would like to apply for an accelerated nursing program. It should be noted that there have been instances where certain accelerated nursing programs only take on applicants who possess credits in science or biology courses. However the eligibility standards differ among all nursing schools.

Now when you have worked hard enough to earn the eligibility to attend some of these accelerated nursing programs it is extremely important to be aware of the fundamentals of these programs, not just the educational qualifications. Almost all of these programs, no matter where you take them, are demanding. Completing an already challenging course in an ever shorter period of time is going to result in an intensity that not everyone can handle. The reality is that you are taking a three year program and completing it in just one. The upside of this is you are moving along a lot quicker than you normally would, you are able to start your life sooner than you originally anticipated. But the other side of the coin presents the reality that completing a challenging program that fast can be very stressful, demanding of a large majority of your time, and it may not leave a lot of extra room for other curriculars. The mental preparation before taking on such a challenge is just as important as the focus you need to have once you begin the actual program.

Another thing to consider with these accelerated nursing programs is that the curriculum is not identical in all of the programs. The same can be said for the course requirements. From GPA to references, before being accepted into any program your intentions and motivation should be displayed through your resume. Just as you will be judged, you as well should dig through all of the programs that are presented to you, and find the one that suits you. The whole function of these programs is to push you through the medical door in the fastest and most efficient manner possible. The sooner you are able to obtain the necessary education to then assist those in need, the sooner you will be able to address your own finical situation – the quicker the program, the quicker you will be able to secure a job.