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50 Best Blogs for Physiology Students

April 26th, 2011

Despite considerable advances in science and technology, the human body still harbors a litany of secrets. Biology students, regardless of whether or not they elect to go on and practice medicine, frequently enjoy exploring anatomy and physiology. Doing so provides them with a first-person look at the myriad beautiful nuances of how every bit works together. And, with the internet being as it is, plenty of online resources exist to serve as valuable supplements to their classroom studies. More than the following 50 are available to visit and discuss, of course, but they certainly make for a nice starting point.

Anatomy and Physiology

  1. Morbid Anatomy: Art, medicine and culture collide in one bizarre, beautiful resource perfect for the philosophical physiologist.

  2. Street Anatomy: Another seriously cool, provocative blog standing on the intersection of art and science, this time focusing on how creative types use the human anatomy in some incredible, unexpected ways.

  3. I Heart Guts: The organs of the human body never looked so adorable. I Heart Guts' wide range of products will greatly appeal to anatomy and physiology students hoping to make light of their research.

  4. Dr. Greg Wells: Sports and other stresses have unique positive and negative impacts on human physiology, which students can peer into at Dr. Greg Wells' blog.

  5. The A&P Professor: Anatomy and physiology students hoping for a career in education would do well to bookmark Kevin Patton's useful blog and website. It may not update as much as some of the others, but it certainly has plenty to offer.

  6. Anatomy and Physiology: Despite being kept for a specific course, the resources (including PowerPoint slideshows) listed here make for excellent supplements no matter what school one attends.

  7. Anatomy and Art: Check out some incredibly useful medical illustrations and animations as well as bits of news and opinions from the industry.

  8. A Blog Around the Clock: Though a general science blog focusing on sleep and education, A Blog Around the Clock often (and unsurprisingly) features physiology-related articles.

  9. A Repository for Bottled Monsters: Follow the National Museum of Health and Medicine's unofficial blog for some real human anatomical and physiological oddities of interest to students and professionals alike.

  10. UCL Museums and Collections Blog: Presented by University College London, this resource offers up discussions of its extensive holdings, which include some interesting tidbits for comparative anatomy buffs.


  1. Dr. Wes: This internist, cardiac electrophysiologist and cardiologist keeps readers frequently updated about the latest news and views regarding the cardiovascular system.

  2. Cardiology Blog: Alegent Health cardiologist Dr. Eric Van De Graaff makes the subject of heart health and science accessible to a broad audience, making it a nice read for physiology students looking for some lesson supplements.

  3. The Journal of Invasive Cardiology Blog: Anyone considering (or holding) a cardiology career would do well to bookmark this industry journal's official blog, which builds upon many of the concepts discussed in the publication itself.

  4. Emory Cardiology Blog: Emory University presents a blog focusing on cardiology events and research. It may not update as frequently as some of its peers, but its content still warrants consideration all the same.

  5. The Heart Scan Blog: Stop here for thorough advice on heart health, particularly pertaining to controlling plaque and other physiological phenomena that compromise it.

  6. Sherman Heart & Vascular Blog: Dr. Maciej K. Malinski with the Sherman Heart and Vascular Center writes easily digested articles about keeping the cardiovascular system as happy and healthy as possible.

  7. The Cardiologist's Wife: Though blogger Lisa Tedder keeps everything informal, physiology students will appreciate her quick and easy take on heart health.

  8. Vegan Heart Doc: As an ardent runner, iron man triathlete and vegan, this interventional cardiologist knows more than a few things about the cardiovascular system's nuances and maintenance.

  9. The Heart Beat: WebMD's Dr. James Beckerman informs visitors about the various measures big and small they can take to reduce their risk of heart attacks and strokes.

  10. The Jim Moran Heart and Vascular Center Blog: This informative resource looks at multiple facets of cardiology, from the technology involved to more general health tips.

Genetics and Evolutionary Biology

  1. Gene Expression: Razib Khan keeps an incredibly popular blog covering a wonderfully wide range of genetics topics, with commentary on politics, culture and religion rounding out the content.

  2. Genetic Future: Physiology students who enjoy philosophizing about humanity's potential evolutionary patterns will absolutely adore this Wired blog.

  3. Genomicron: Read some excellent postings regarding genetics, evolutionary biology, genome size and other relevant topics at the thoroughly engaging Genomicron.

  4. The DNA Exchange: Multiple contributors weigh in on all things genetics, particularly the political, social and ethical issues surrounding the subject.

  5. MassGenomics: Physiology students with an interest in medicine, technology and genomics might like browsing MassGenomic's intelligent, informative content.

  6. Blogs at GenomeWeb: Check out some of the internet's best (and, occasionally most provocative) postings on genetics, the pharmaceutical industry, medicine, informatics and more.

  7. Pharyngula: PZ Myers presents one of the most well-respected online resources regarding evolutionary biology — an essential field of study for anyone finding genetics fascinating.

  8. This Week in Evolution: Stop by This Week in Evolution for updates on the latest news and views on a broad spectrum of relevant topics. Human evolution and genetics both receive ample attention as well.

  9. The Dispersal of Darwin: Politically-charged physiology students wanting to learn more about the politics of evolutionary biology and, to a lesser extent, genetics will want to check out this blog.

  10. The Panda's Thumb: Fans of comparative physiology and anatomy, evolutionary biology and genetics have plenty to love about The Panda's Thumb and its highly informative content.

Internal Medicine

  1. Clinical Correlations: NYU's internal medicine blog covers a beautifully broad amount of subjects for the physiology student fascinated by the science and technology behind various treatments.

  2. db's Medical Rants: Take internal medicine musings with a generous shot of education, healthcare issues and other related subjects, compliments of Dr. Robert M. Centor.

  3. Cypress Internal Medicine Blog: This relatively new blog by a quintet of doctor moms showcases the internal medicine practices that stretch far beyond the town they call home.

  4. ACP Internist: Presented by the American College of Physicians, ACP Internist posts up some excellent resources centering around internal medicine.

  5. The American Journal of Medicine Blog: One does not have to subscribe to the eponymous periodical to benefit from the latest research it posts up on the official blog.

  6. Internal Medicine News: Everything students need to know about this resource, which includes much more than just a blog, can be found right there in the title — this is an almost one-stop shop for anyone studying internal medicine for school or fun.

  7. Clinical Cases and Images: Casesblog: Internal medicine buffs should tune in to Clinical Cases and Images: Casesblog and geek out over the research, technologies and new developments on display.

  8. Internal Medicine of Southwest Florida: Follow a variety of news and opinions from around the internal medicine world, with some useful general health articles sprinkled in for good measure.

  9. cancerwise: When looking for information about oncology, physiology students can do no better than this essential read by the world-famous M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

  10. Respectful Insolence: Read the candid, exceptionally popular rants of a surgeon and scientist as he navigates the complex world of medicine and healthcare.


  1. Mind Hacks: At the intersection of neuroscience and psychology sits Mind Hacks, an amazing read about an even more amazing organ.

  2. Frontal Cortex: Wired's Jonah Lehrer keeps a wildly popular brain science blog accessible to a general audience without isolating anyone with a professional interest in the subject.

  3. NeuroLogica Blog: Dr. Steven Novella keeps an incredibly detailed blog covering neurology, medicine and other fields tying directly into them.

  4. The Neurocritic: Psychopharmacology and human brain imaging blend with cognitive and neuroscience, resulting in a very provocative read dissecting the latest relevant medical and health news.

  5. Neurophilosophy: Like the title implies, neuroscience and philosophy converge here for an excellent, provocative glimpse into both subjects — and their myriad overlaps.

  6. Neuroanthropology: Study the human brain and nervous system through an anthropological lens at this highly illuminating, engaging resource.

  7. Neuroskeptic: This neuroscientist turns a critical eye towards his field, offering up some different perspectives on the way doctors and researchers approach the human brain.

  8. Neurobonkers.com: Enjoyable Neurobonkers.com presents its psychiatric and neurological content with both biting humor and welcome insight.

  9. NeuroDojo: A University of Texas-Pan American biology professor writes up some of the internet's very best writings on all things neurological.

  10. Talking Brains: Neurology and linguistics share an utterly unsurprising overlap, as Greg Hickok and David Poeppel frequently — and provocatively – attest.