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Health Science

  • Average Salary: Radiologic technicians: $52,210; Health educators: $44,00
  • Prerequisites: High school diploma; completion of prerequisites; strong science attitude and interest in public health.
  • Known States in Industry: Radiologic technicians: South Dakota, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Kentucky, West Virginia, Massachusetts, Nevada, Hawaii, Washington, DC and Maryland. Health Educators: Washington, DC, Alaska, Vermont, New Mexico, Montana, Georgia, Washington, DC, Nevada, Rhode Island and Maryland.

Degree Description:

Students who have a knack for science and a strong interest in public health can make a difference for others in a health science degree program. The bachelor's degree in health science prepares students to work in a wide range of health science careers in clinical, non-clinic, private or public settings. Students will learn about the ins and outs of diseases, risk factors and prevention, health promotion, research and evaluation, aging and other important public health-related topics. Health science programs also help students strengthen their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as it relates to their area of study.

Salary and Job Outlook:

Health science is broad field of study with several exciting career paths for graduates to pursue. Similar to allied health science, health science also encompasses several different diagnostic services, research and development, therapeutic services, support services and health informatics. Some common career paths for graduates with a bachelor's degree in health science include radiologic technician and health educator. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for radiologic technicians was $52,210 in 2008. The average salary for health educators was $44,00 in 2008. Both of these health science career fields are projected to have favorable job outlooks and increased employment until 2018.

Job Prerequisites:

In order to enroll in a health science degree, you'll need to make sure you meet all academic requirements before applying. All applicants need to have a high school diploma and master all prerequisites required by the program. Prospective health science majors should also have a scientific attitude and a concern for the well being of the public. Any clinical or healthcare experience is also beneficial to your learning and future job prospects.

Industry Demographics:

When looking for the best health science schools and jobs, it's a good idea to search by the states that have the highest concentration of workers within this field and the states that pay the most. According to BLS, the states with the highest concentration of radiologic technicians are South Dakota, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Kentucky and West Virginia. The top paying states for radiologic technicians are Massachusetts, Nevada, Hawaii, Washington, DC and Maryland. As for health educators, the states with the highest employment in this occupation are Washington, DC, Alaska, Vermont, New Mexico and Montana. The top paying states are Georgia, Washington, DC, Nevada, Rhode Island and Maryland.

Future Options:

Health science is often a stepping stone for graduate education in public health, health promotion or environmental and occupational health. If you already have your bachelor's degree in health science and want to advance your education, you should consider earning a master of public health. This prestigious graduate degree is essential for leadership positions in public health. You could also pursue other post-baccalaureate studies in nursing, medicine or law.

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